Tina Claffey exhibition in Lough Boora

Here is an exhibition that all photography enthusiasts can’t miss!

Tina Claffey’s exhibition, ‘Seoda – Treasure of the Wetlands’, is going to be in Lough Boora Discovery Park from 3rd April – 15th April. The exhibition contains a number of images from Bogland Reserves of the Midlands, including some shots from Boora Bog.

Tina Claffey, photographic artist & resident of Birr, Co. Offaly, showcases her observations of the flora and fauna of midland bogs. Tina is a BA (Hons) graduate in Photography from the Crawford College of Art & Design in Cork.

She returned to Ireland in 2009 having lived and worked in the country of Botswana, Southern Africa, for almost nine years. Her love for the African and Irish natural world has resulted in an ongoing photographic documentation of these environments and their inhabitants from her own unique perspective.

Her current exhibition ‘Seoda-Treasure of the Wetlands’ showcases her observations of the flora & fauna of the preserved raised bogs and wet woodlands of the midlands.

‘It amazes me how, in this environment in particular , this natural wilderness, from the largest to the smallest living bug, plant & mammal have adapted its behaviour and sometimes physical characteristics to survive’.

The array of unique and endemic wild flowers, plants, sedges, mosses, gorse and myriads of wildlife have adapted to this environment and the change of season bring with it a kaleidoscope of colour, light and new life.

She has exhibited in solo and group shows throughout Ireland , Botswana, and more recently two of her images were chosen and digitally projected as part of the See | Me community’s ‘The Story of the Creative’ exhibition for emerging artists in Long Island City, Queens, New York City, in July and August of 2013.

Her show, ‘Seoda-Treasure Under Foot’, was featured on TG4’s Imeall Arts programme, which aired in November 2013. Her current show ‘Seoda-Treasure of the Wetlands’ features additional images from the wet woodlands of the bogs, and its inhabitants.

Tina Claffey's photographic exhibition, 'Seoda - Treasure of the Wetlands' is to feature in Lough Boora Discovery Park Visitor Centre from 3rd - 15th of April

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