Sky and Earth

By Martina Galvin

Seven mirrors reflecting the sky in the surface of the earth.


Concept Description

The artist’s impression of the landscape was one of a teeming and active earth: dragonflies, butterflies, grasses and flowers moving and swaying. An undergrowth of constant movement and change. We look down all the time, watching and observing. The skies in Lough Boora Discovery Park seem so big when you stop looking down and begin to look up.

Martina wanted to capture the vast expansive and fleeting skies, if only temporarily, in the surface of the earth. It’s like cutting into the bog to reveal the sky above. Reminiscent of the cut black bog pools seen in the bog landscape, when you peer over the edge of the mirrors, it is like looking into a reflective pool. The space between the earth and sky is diminished.

Our micro and macro worlds converge in the moment of the reflection.


Come see the amazing sculptures inspired by Lough Boora’s landscape and heritage.

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