Drinagh Wetland

Drinagh Wetland is the largest and most recent addition to Lough Boora. It is 267 hectares in size and consists of 186 hectares of permanent wetland – the largest in the park. At present, Drinagh contains areas which have been undergoing natural re-colonisation for over 10 years and is attracting large numbers of birds.

One of the most unique aspects of this site is the opportunity it provides to study both the evolution of a wetland and how natural re-colonisation and succession shape an environment. In the future, it is expected Drinagh Wetland will surpass the diversity and beauty of Turraun.

Drinagh Wetland is situated to the south of the Cloghan wetlands and is set aside for wildlife, as visitors are not encouraged unless part of an organised group.

Discover the Drinagh Wetland.      

Please remember to respect the nature and conservation interests of Lough Boora Discovery Park.

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