Lakes and wetlands

Lough Boora Discovery Park is a beautiful landscape at the centre of Ireland – a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. The regenerating power of nature, with a little help from the caring hands of humans, has turned Lough Boora from a peat-harvesting site to a spectacular haven for animals, birds and plants.



Lough Boora           

A magnificent collection of natural and manmade lakes, wetlands and woodland areas, the park’s 50km of trails enable you to experience and appreciate the amenities, flora and wildlife in full.

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Boora Lake         

This family-friendly amenity is an ideal space for all ages to interact with Lough Boora’s wildlife and encounter ancient flora that has been preserved in the bog for thousands of years.

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Loch an Dochais      

Loch an Dochais, meaning ‘Lake of Hope’, was developed as a small angling lake with facilities for all ages and abilities.

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Finnamore Lakes        

The Upper and Lower Lakes at Finnamore’s offer something for everyone, with active anglers, walkers and nature enthusiasts enjoying this breathtaking expanse.

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Loch Clochan             

Fly-fish in Loch Clochan or simply enjoy the natural surrounds, with access to a walking path and picnic areas on site.

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Tumduff Mór           

Tumduff Mór is a haven for bird watchers and active enthusiasts alike, with a bird hide and access to the Tumduff Walk, this scenic trail takes you on a short 1.5km tour of the site.

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Tumduff Beag            

Tumduff Beag boasts a magnificent raised bird-hide for all ages and abilities with a traditional reed thatched roof, providing an ideal vantage point to view local and migrant birds.

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Turraun Wetland      

Take a walk through the oldest wetland in the park, exploring the most diverse range of species in Lough Boora at Turraun Wetland.

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Leabeg Wetland          

Visit this feeding ground for migratory Whooper Swans as they flock south for winter to Leabeg Wetland’s partially flooded site.

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Drinagh Wetland              

Natural recolonisation is currently taking shape in the Drinagh Wetland, with large numbers of birds visiting Lough Boora’s largest and most recent addition to the park.

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Derries Wetland          

The Derries Wetland is an isolated site providing refuge for wildlife amongst naturally recolonising grassland and birch-willow woodland.

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