Turraun Wetland

Turraun Wetland is an expansive, wild, open plan site rich in natural beauty and diversity. The first area to come out of commercial peat production, this 144 hectare site is the most species diverse of all Lough Boora’s sites. Over 60 hectares were flooded in 1991 making Turraun the oldest wetland in the park.

With over 110 bird species and 270 vascular plant species, ranging from trees to reeds, heathers to grasses, Turraun is an ideal location in which to pursue an interest in natural history, or to enjoy a pleasant and relaxing walk. A looped walk through Turraun along a rough track (wet in places) takes you to Cocta Hill, which is covered with orchids and other wild flowers during the summer.

Renowned for its summer wildflower displays, autumn colours and abundance of wild orchids – which peak during June and July, Turraun provides a good opportunity to experience both the wilderness and beauty of Lough Boora.

Walk through Turraun into Pollagh to view this historical bog village and stop by the church, which is well-known for its spectacular bog oak altar.

Turraun is situated off the R357 Boora road, which links Cloghan village to the Tullamore road (N52) at Blue Ball and is accessible by turning north along the gravel road beside Boora Church, opposite the turnoff to the Boora Works and Lough Boora site. The access route continues on through the site into Pollagh village. Do not cross the canal. Taking the Rahan road out of the village and the first right off this road will take you back onto the R357.

Visit Turraun Wetland.     

Please remember to respect the nature and conservation interests of Lough Boora Discovery Park.

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