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Midland Model Flying Club

The Boora Aerodrome is situated north of Tumduff Mór on the gravel road that connects the Cycle Path road to Finnamore Lakes. Opened in July 1994, it is the headquarters of the Midland Model Flying Club.

The site is particularly suitable for the flying of model aircraft due to the absence of trees, houses and power lines with the added bonus of a soft bog land landing.

Anyone wishing to see these miniature aircraft in action can do so on most Sunday afternoons, weather permitting. Contact the Midland Model Flying Club before you arrive to avoid disappointment.

Midland Rifle Club

The Midland Rifle Club shooting grounds offer facilities second to none for all riflemen and women. The range is geared for the Rimfire and Centre Fired Rifles and has a full Sporting Clay Pigeon layout on site.

Situated on a site adjacent to Lough Boora Discovery Park, there is a range available and suitable for classes of rifle commonly used throughout Ireland. This allows for the use of all calibres up to and including .270, within a 400 metre range, for recreational or competitive pursuits.

The club has a 30 metre long covered stand providing comfort for the shooters during inclement weather, accommodating all styles of shooting from free standing, seated, kneeling to prone. Shooters with disabilities are especially welcome as facilities are in place for them.

Irrespective of your style, the view down the silhouettes across the 400 metre range and beyond as far as your eye can see over Finnamore Lakes is most impressive and refreshing.

Membership with the club is open, for all ages and abilities. Contact the Midland Rifle Club for more information. 

The Slieve Bloom Mountains

The Slieve Bloom Mountains can be seen from Lough Boora, as they rise across the central plains of Ireland, linking Counties Laois and Offaly.

Activities include walking, cycling, horse riding, golfing, festivals and events. The range of guided and looped walks pass through villages and can be followed using the free Slieve Bloom Walking App.

For more information, visit The Slieve Bloom Mountains website.

Birr Castle  

Explore Birr Castle Demesne, with its 50 hectares of parkland, formal gardens, terraces, Science Centre and world famous engineering and astronomical wonder – the Great Telescope.

The Demesne is open year-round and is administered by the Birr Scientific and Heritage Foundation, a charitable body.

For more information, visit the Birr Castle Demesne website.

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