Rushes are often the first species to colonise bare peat and are one of the most common plants found in Lough Boora. However, in some areas it is quickly succeeded by other species such as Purple Moor-grass, Devil’s-bit Scabious, Wild Carrot and Heath Groundsel. At Turraun Wetland, the oldest site in the park, these grasslands often develop into rich wildflower meadows where orchids such as the Common Spotted, Bee, Early Purple Fragrant and Marsh Helleborine can be found.

Large areas of the park have developed into naturally regenerating open woodlands, predominantly made up of Downy Birch and Willow, with some Rowan and recolonising Scots Pine also present. Meanwhile, Bent Grass, Hard Fern, Bramble and Raspberry are found among the trees.

The site’s wetlands are characterised by species such as; Bog Cotton, Water Mint, Water Horsetail, Phragmites Reeds, Bulrush, Marsh Arrowgrass and Marsh-bedstraw.  The natural wetlands at Finnamore Lakes are of special significance as some areas are dominated by Fen species such as: Blunt-flowered or Fen Rush, Yellow Sedges, Marsh Cinquefoil and Bog Thistle.

Uncover Lough Boora’s variety of flora. 

Please remember to respect the nature and conservation value of Lough Boora Discovery Park.


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