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As areas of Lough Boora came out of commercial peat production, a number of still water fishing lakes were developed as both local and tourist amenities.

The lakes were created by excavating the remaining peat and deepening the proposed lake bottom. The banks were reinforced and landscaping work carried out to provide shelter. Access roads, parking and picnic facilities were then developed.

When the lakes were flooded, aquatic plants were introduced from waterways nearby and the lakes were stocked with a variety of game and coarse fish. Since development, each lake has undergone rapid naturalisation.

The work was carried out by Bord na Móna in conjunction with advice provided by the Central and Shannon Regional Fisheries Boards. The creation of the complex of lakes has led the Shannon Fisheries Board to designate Kilcormac village as a new coarse angling centre.

Most of the lakes do not have a closed season but best results can be achieved between the months of April and October. The only lake with a specified open season is Loch Clochan, which is only available between 1 May and 12 October, from 8am to 10pm.

The use of maggots, worms or sweet corn is recommended and pre-baiting is advised.

For information on the permits required to fish on each lake, please contact Tom Egan on 086 2896397.

Boora Lake     

Type of angling: Coarse fishery

Boora Lake is situated south of Loch an Dochais, on the western side of the Cycle Path road. The lake covers an area of just under five hectares.

The deeper side runs alongside the road and most of the angling is done from this shore and its stands. As a coarse fishing lake, it holds good stocks of adult Tench over four pounds in weight, and Roach.

This lake is also popular for feeding ducks and geese, often hand fed from the shore.

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Loch an Dochais

Type of angling: all abilities and junior

Loch an Dochais, meaning ‘Lake of Hope’, is the first lake you meet to the right (west) of the Cycle Path road when travelling south from the R357 towards Kilcormac. The lake has been developed to facilitate anglers with disabilities and is complete with a fishing stand designed for wheelchairs and a specially designed car park with connecting concrete pathways.

The annual All Ireland Trout Fishing Match for anglers with disabilities is organised by the Friends of Loch an Dochais, with the first prize angler awarded the Mary Robinson Perpetual Trophy.

The lake is just under a hectare in size and has a maximum depth of two metres. A coarse fishing lake, it holds good stocks of Tench, with regular catches of fish averaging over three pounds having been reported. The lake also holds a stock of small Perch.

The lake is an ideal and safe site for supervised children to fish, with a number of Trout matches held for junior anglers each year. The lake is stocked with trout for these events.

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Finnamore Lakes       

Type of angling: coarse fishery

Finnamore Lakes consists of Finnamore’s Upper (nearest to R357) and Lower. They are situated 16 km to the west of Tullamore on the right (south) of the R357 Boora road, which links Cloghan village to the N52 at Blue Ball.

Coarse fishing of Carp, Bream and Tench is available by permit from the Carp Anglers Club of Ireland. The two lakes cover a total area of 10 hectares and are up to three metres in depth. Bank fishing is available and stands are also in place. Both lakes have been stocked with juvenile Carp, adult Bream and Tench (up to four pounds in weight). Finnamore’s Lake Upper is the most frequently fished of the two lakes.

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Loch Clochan – Put and take fly fishery     

Type of angling: Trout fishing, fly fishing only

Loch Clochan is situated 2km east of Cloghan village on the northern side of the R357. The lake covers an area of three-and-a-half hectares and has depths of up to two-and-a-half metres.

As a ‘put and take’ Trout fishery under the control of the Cloghan and District Anglers Club, membership is open to all for a small fee per year. Members are entitled to fish Loch Cloghan at a reduced rate per day. For non-members a daily ticket can be purchased, with a reduced rate for juvenile anglers

The lake is stocked regularly and the average fish size is three quarters of a pound but it is not uncommon to catch fish up to two pounds. Fly fishing from the bank or stands is the only method permitted and there is a bag limit of three fish per rod, per day. The size limit is twelve inches. Best returns are got on Nymphs and Muddlers and there is a hatch of May flies on the lake.

The open season is between 1 May and 12 October, from 8am to 10pm.

Membership can be obtained from Paddy Barry of Castle St, Cloghan village.

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