A-maze-in Willow World

By Padraig Larkin      

An oasis in the bog where everything else is destined to decay, Willow World was constructed with live willow rods and like the childish imagination, will last forever.


Concept Description

From the moment children step into Willow World, they are invited to embark on a wondrous playground adventure. At every twist and turn, they catch a glimpse of a tunnel, a tepee, a beehive or an igloo.

In between are picnic areas, a loveseat, a bower; places to rest and observe the beautiful bog oak structures. They can imagine a whale with a dorsal fin, a bear eating a fish, is that an old hag lurking in the trees? What about a spinning ball, a heart, even a secret passageway through the woods?

A-maze-in Willow World presents a puzzle. Complex paths are flanked by eight foot high willow osiers, forming a labyrinth of routes that guide the solver to the centre, the core, the inner child in all of us.


Come see the amazing sculptures inspired by Lough Boora’s landscape and heritage.

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