Boora Lake

Boora Lake is first and foremost an angling lake, stocked with coarse fish. There is also an area where families can feed the birds, providing an excellent opportunity for children and adults to view our resident and migrant species up close.

Part of the Boora Lake walk follows an old railway embankment around the lake and makes for an unconventional outdoor footpath. Its elevated position provides visitors with excellent views of Boora Lake and Leabeg Wetland at different locations.

Examples of ancient oak, yew and pine trunks that were preserved in the bog for thousands of years are displayed in the car park opposite the thatched bird hide. You will also find a granite “erratic” which was carried into the area by glaciers during the last ice age and deposited as they retreated, alongside a limestone boulder containing many fossils.

The start of the Leabeg, Mesolithic and Boora Lake walks are located in the car park. Picnic areas and information boards, are located on site.

Boora Lake is located adjacent to Loch an Dochais and is situated on the right (west) of the Cycle Path road, which links the Boora road (R357) to the N52 Kilcormac road.

Visit Boora Lake.          

Please remember to respect the nature and conservation interests of Lough Boora Discovery Park.

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