Earth and Sky

By Alfio Bonanno 

A reminder that nature is both a spiritual source and practical provider for humanity’s needs.


Concept Description

His ‘Earth and Sky’ sculpture embraces the concept of maximising the use of nature. The circles of the interior represent the rhythms of the sky and the landscape, rotating and wheeling around each other.

Materials Description

The sculpture is based on five circles rising into the sky, ranging in diameter from 7 metres at the bottom, to two metres at the top. The sculpture is also an impressive 7 metres tall, and its outer structure consists of large pieces of natural wood resting on the round framework.

Sculptor’s Bio

Bonanno has extended the language of outdoor installation through his artistry. His concerns are as much social as environmental. As Bonanno states: “The ‘other landscape’ exists at a closer look—here—where we have always been, where we least expect to find it—there it is. Where earth meets air, and water meets the sun, we see myriads of vital life cycles. And life arises, where it is given a chance to exist: on the cracked boards of a train wagon in movement, in the midst of a concrete footpath, and on roof tops.” (From “A Conversation with Alfio Bonanno” by John Grande)


Come see the amazing sculptures inspired by Lough Boora’s landscape and heritage.

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