Meet the Fairies

Learn more about all the Fairies that live in Lough Boora Discovery Park, and find out what their special skill are below:


One of the oldest fairies, Teddy has been here for over 3000 years.


This fairy fills the Turraun with beauty, sprinkling magic over the area every night.


The youngest fairy on the avenue, Boo moved here with her best friend Birdie.


This fairy talks with birds all day long, if you are quiet you will hear birds chirp – or is it Birdie you hear?


Meaning ‘help’ this fairy is in charge of the worry plaque. Give all your worries to him he will take them away.


Meaning ‘way’ this fairy will ensure everyone finds their way safely from the maze.


This fairy is in charge of the bike hire for all the fairies living on the avenue.


This little fairy absolutely adores shiny, bright things. When she finds something sparkly she sticks it to her door.


This fairy really loves fishing. He teaches the other fairies to fish safely making sure no fairy falls in.


This world famous fairy has amazing skills in rock formations. He feels particularly proud of Boora pyramid and The Gathering of Stone.


A fixing fairy, Tipper can be found under Tippler Bridge mending and making things, there is nothing he loves more.


Watcher over the fairy ring, Dannan makes sure the magic of the ring is safe. All the fairies visit the ring late at night.

Little Tom

Tom looks after Fairy Avenue, he keeps it spick and span.


Wanda looks after the wishing seat, she is one of those special fairies who hears wishes and grants them.


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