Rhythms of time

By Marian O’Donnell   

A series of triangles made from disused railway tracks, sleepers and steel which interact with each other by using the movements of the sun throughout the day.


Concept Description

This piece consists of a series of intersecting circles of different sizes on different levels. Part of it is set into the ground in a series of three ring shaped hollows, through which runs a stepped circular path, providing the viewer with a variety of platforms and differing perspectives from where the world can be viewed. A section of one circle forms a raised wall made up of a representative variety of materials, which form the bog.

The bog itself is a cycle of continuous transformation, from the death of the trees, to their metamorphosis into peat, to the cutting of turf, to the new cycle of life now beginning: the unspoiled bogs are being preserved, and the cutaway bogs are being reclaimed for agricultural and leisurely use.

The circles represent a life cycle of the bog and of the human interaction with it, while the path, with its differing perspectives, models the flow of time, which brings an ever-changing scene with it.


Come see the amazing sculptures inspired by Lough Boora’s landscape and heritage.

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