The Celtic Knot

By Padraig Larkin         

A knot symbolises the Celts’ belief in the continuity of life into eternity its loops have no beginning or end.


Concept Description

The gnarled root of a pine tree, 5,000 years in the earth, is pinned by a single bolt to a trunk of bog oak, eight of its twenty feet anchored underground. The installation sits on a glacial rock and is surrounded by a circle of smaller stones.

All of the materials, which are local and of the landscape, link past to present and are woven together to illustrate the cyclical motion of life.

Miniature birch and pine trees have started to sprout from random seeds in this ancient root, a sign of nature reclaiming its children; that in endings there are beginnings.


Come see the amazing sculptures inspired by Lough Boora’s landscape and heritage.

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