Bog Track

By Johan Sietzema    

A collection of old black bog oak wood embeded in the ground at varying levels depicting a visual and emotional bog walk.


Concept Description

Walking around in this special landscape, Johan thought about the great forest that inhabited this landscape over 3000 years ago. A harsh landscape that has been played by the elements.

The artist wanted to show the level of peat which has been cut away. He used large pieces of blackened bog oak, which he found while walking the parklands, and placed them into the ground in an upright manner to show how high the ground used to be.

“I arranged a procession of found black-oak trees coming out of the ground, climbing up to the level of the landscape long ago, like a visual and emotional way up, a bog track;” – Johan Sietzema.


Come see the amazing sculptures inspired by Lough Boora’s landscape and heritage.

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